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Theo and Sprout: A Journey of Growth by Joseph Gergen

From: Ella James


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Sprout says she’s there to help him, to guide him. Theo, an introverted, teenage boy form a large family, is not so sure about that. He’s not sure about much of anything at the moment. You see, Theo is thrown into absolute uncertainty one morning after he has showered for school when Sprout suddenly manifests herself physically in his body.

Is she a dream? A hallucination? That is what Theo grapples with as he not only sees Sprout in the mirror, then validates what he’s seen by looking down at his body, now her body, but also begins a conversation with her about what the hell is going on.

Sprout just wants Theo to grow. Theo just wants to survive. Join in on this coming of age adventure.

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Total Book Tweets for Ella James is 176

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All Tweets for book 176

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