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The Stregoni Sequence

From: Christine E. Schulze


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Category: Fantasy

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Dive inside The Stregoni Sequence and discover a hidden world filled with vampires, genies, fairies, elementals, and other fantastical creatures—many of whom are trapped inside dangerous spells. Can each spell be broken before it’s too late?

Book 1: Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress

An elf with a gift of healing. A clan of cursed vampires. The dark enchantress who started it all.

"Are you afraid?"

Emma has more reason to fear than at any other time in her life, even while facing her father’s drunken rampages. She’s surrounded by hundreds of vampires—and yet, she’s not afraid in the least. After all, her best friend Aaryn is also a vampire, and his clan are Stregoni Benefici, vampires committed to doing no harm.

Emma herself is no ordinary Forest-footer Elf. She's a golden healer, and she alone can save the Stregoni Benefici from the dark enchantress threatening them. Can Emma learn how to defeat the harmful vampires without destroying the good ones? Can she unravel the secret Aaryn keeps so carefully guarded and show him he's capable of being loved and forgiven?

Book 2: Memory Charmer

Three forbidden romances weave together into one, epic fantasy in this second installment of Schulze’s magical trilogy.

Cheryl is an ex-vampire learning how to have a "normal" life amongst humans, fairies, and elves. On a summer trip to the world of Bienvinette, she soon finds herself falling in love with a mysterious magician.

Elissa is a prisoner of a notorious enchanter living deep in the woods. She lives a painful existence as the enchanter feeds daily on both her energy and her memories. But then a strange boy appears from the Stars and offers Elissa a way of escape into the heavens.

Cloud is a lonely Elemental guardian who breaks the most important rule of her kind by leaving her home and travelling to Earth. There she finds love with a feline anamorph, but she also finds danger—not only for herself but all Bienvinette. The Elements are out of balance and the only way for Cloud to return to her position and restore balance requires unimaginable sacrifice.

Book 3: Wish Granter

Three exciting tales of mystery, magic, and a few last spells to be broken conclude Schulze's young adult Christian fantasy trilogy.

Aurora is cursed with eternal invisibility until David discovers her. David is the only person in the world besides Aurora's captor who can see her. An ex-Stregoni Benefici, David understands a thing or two about dark spells. But breaking Aurora's spell will summon an ancient enemy, throwing the two of them into a dangerous love triangle.

Sarah finds herself involved in a deadly mystery and must quickly learn that looks are not always what they seem. Can she use her gift to decipher friend from foe, real beauty from false, before more lives are lost?

Grace is given a very special gift—a musical instrument that unleashes a genie…a genie whose origins are tied to dark secrets and a hidden saboteur within the very castle walls. Grace must make her three wishes count if she hopes to save both the genie and her friends from a most terrible fate.

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Total Book Tweets for Christine E. Schulze is 1

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