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Quite rarely does a book broach the topic of abuse in its raw form but "She Named Me A Wolf" did just that! I am impressed by the way Smart maneuvered the plotline to accommodate all aspects of living in a abusive household. She also incorporated ideas surrounding Wolf's state of mind via his dialogues which clearly depicted the protagonist's personal struggles. The composition reads extremely well and gets the message across in a calm, relaxed manner despite the harrowing circumstances of its main character. I believe this sets the book apart since the gloomy aspects aren't dwelled on and Smart knows what resonates with readers on a personal level All in all, a lovely attempt at showcasing an important social issue and highly recommended to all those looking for a stimulating read.

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She Named Me Wolf (The Many Lives of Wolf Book 1)

From: Tenkara Smart


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A boy. A ghost. A life-changing decision.

Wolf lives in constant fear of his unpredictable, alcoholic father. To survive, he relies on his best friend, who happens to be a ghost, as well as the animals in his yard, using his imagination and memories from his past life as a samurai warrior to overcome the odds.

Eventually, Wolf must make a choice to stay in this life or move on, and only his best friend, who happens to be a ghost, can help him make the right decision.

She Named Me Wolf is book one in the series The Many Lives of Wolf and is the first glimpse into one soul’s experience in a physical existence, seeking out the light in the darkness.

What the reviews are saying:

"The two main character’s, Wolf and Polly, are a perfect mix. I felt connected to him, and that forced me to keep turning those pages."

"I love that it made me first think of my own childhood, then gripped me with the terror of violence and the wonder of childhood magic."

"Tenkara Smart weaves a delightful coming of age story of struggle, survival, and happiness found in an imaginary world. Despite difficult circumstances, Wolf triumphs..."

"Although this YA plot describes a hard life story, complicated and full with the things that Wolf had to deal with through his life, it also describes a beautiful friendship along with ways to deal with the difficulties & challenges life can put us through. The writing's flowing and yet there's tension and expectation from one chapter to the next."

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Total Book Tweets for Tenkara Smart is 41

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