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Life as a China Doll Coping with Osteoporosis



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An osteoporosis diagnosis can be overwhelming. It usually comes with no warning and leaves you feeling scared and alone. While most books discuss how to treat the disease, this one focuses on coping. In it you learn how to live with a chronic illness. Topics include:
• Emotions you will likely experience, how to identify them, and how to process them.
• Making the difficult decision on what treatment plan to follow, and why this causes anxiety.
• What you’ll likely experience if you fracture a bone and the many ways to manage pain.
• How to adjust your physical world with practical tips and moves to avoid.
• How to adjust your social world and why social interaction is so important.
• How to adjust your mental world and why hope and a positive attitude are critical.
The author of this short book was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2012. She is not a licensed therapist or psychologist. She is simply a fellow sufferer who found ways to cope and is sharing them with you

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Total Book Tweets for is 559

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