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It has been my pleasure to read the first novel by Nathan Rivers "Interview with a Contract Killer". I was engrossed with the life story of 'Mr Cole' - a Broadmoor patient as revealed to David Palmer - a freelance journalist. The series of interviews are a clever framing device as Frankie Cole reveals the grisly secrets of his career to Palmer in the presence of two deferential and rather timid hospital warders/guards. Cole has been transferred from Belmarsh prison after murdering a guard. There is a sensitive contrast between the world of privilege represented by the Ascot Hotel, where Palmer stays between interviews, and the world created for the 'lost souls' within the walls of Broadmoor. To say more would be to give too much away, but I really enjoyed this ingenious novel and look forward to more from Nathan Rivers.

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Interview With a Contract Killer

From: Nathan Rivers


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Book 1 of the 'London Ganglands' series
East End gangster, Francis "Frankie" Cole is a convicted London gangland killer who will never again see the outside of Broadmoor secure psychiatric hospital, having received a whole of life tariff for his crimes. David Palmer gains permission to interview Cole for a book although he quickly becomes more interested in the information he cannot include. Neither Palmer nor Cole are ready for the secrets revealed during their time together..
Contains violence and is written in the language of the day which some people of a more sensative nature may find offensive. Book 1 of the "London Ganglands" series A captivating and provocative narrative, intriguing and multifaceted plot, intense and thrilling to the last word.

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Total Book Tweets for Nathan Rivers is 660

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