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Nathan was born in the leafy and sedate, small town of Ascot in the county of Berkshire UK. (No he's never owned a horse.)

Now 61yrs of age, Nathan spent much of his working life within the construction industry all over London and South East England. Nathan moved to Wales in the early 80's where he rediscovered his love for writing. Nathan has now moved back to South East England to pursue a new full time career in writing crime fiction.

Nathan honed his craft over many years of writing poetry, stage plays, short stories, novella and full length novels.

He now concentrates his efforts on his first love: crime fiction, in particular, he likes to concentrate his mind on fictional villains of London Ganglands during the 1970's and 80's.

"I write for myself, If someone picks it up, reads and enjoys it, then that's my success. If others pick it up, read and enjoy it then that's a bonus. Writing for profit is a mugs game and very few ever succeed in making a good living from it. I do it because I enjoy it and it keeps me outta mischief. If you're looking for politically correct then my books ain't for you so; jog on with no hard feelings and my very best wishes."
Nathan Rivers

Nathan Rivers is now considered by his peers to be the new "Guv'nor" of 'London Gangster' Noir crime fiction authors.

As a writer of raw, hard-boiled and unsanitized Crime fiction, Nathan Rivers strength lies in his ability to create strong characters, captivating and provocative narrative.

His readers are gripped by the vivid and gritty prose as they are drawn into his stories and held until the very end.

The intriguing and multifaceted plots in his 'London Ganglands' series transport readers back to London's seedy and violent underworld of the 1970's and 80's.

Rivers has a unique writing style which will horrify literary purists but at the same time will be well received by a contemporary audience.

It should be noted that his work contains strong violence, is written in language which is best characterized by cynicism, fatalism, moral ambiguity and may offend those of a more sensitive nature.

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