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In Harm's Way: a gripping psychological thriller What if no-one knew you had been abducted? ByPhil Leaderon 16 October 2018 Format: Kindle Edition Three siblings, all with troubled marriages. Adele and Blair appear to be the perfect couple, but he has started claiming to have to work late. Adele suspects he is having an affair. Gavin and Monica have a new baby and that is putting a strain on their relationship. Mackenzie and Derek.... well Mackenzie is an alcoholic and Derek has seen her getting into a strange car. She also claims to have a stalker, although in a drunken outburst at a party she claims he's her lover. When she leaves Derek and disappears, nobody seems to be bothered other than Gavin, who gets DS Andrew Geddes involved. But how far can the investigation get when nobody thinks she's actually missing? Meanwhile Mackenzie finds herself chained in a cellar at the mercy of her abductor... All this might sound like its giving away important plot points but it really isn't; all of this is obvious from the first few pages. What follows is the story of the three relationships, the six people involved key to the story. The abduction itself is just part of the much bigger story, a story about relationships both between married couples and within families. Added to this is Andrew Geddes, the world weary but sharp police detective previously seen in the Charlie Cameron novels. It is so good to see him with a case of his own to solve, especially as this is one that may be impossible to prove is actually a case at all. As with his other books, Mullen carefully misdirects the reader all the way through providing twists and turns both small and large. He skillfully hides clues in plain sight then removes the blindfold from the reader's eyes with one deft phrase or scene. This is a masterful piece of work from one of the best thriller writers out there.

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In Harm's Way

From: Owen Mullen


Category: Thriller

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When no one knows you are in danger how can you ever be saved…
The Baxter house in the Lowther Hills, in Scotland, has been on the estate agent’s books for decades. Dilapidated and near-derelict, nobody is interested in it. But, for one potential buyer, the remote location and rat-infested cellar are perfect.

For the first year, Mackenzie’s marriage to Derek was ideal. But Derek believes she is having an affair and when she realises her husband is becoming controlling, she knows she’s made a terrible mistake.

But Mackenzie has a drinking problem so when she threatens to leave Derek and then disappears no one believes she has been abducted.

DS Geddes is handed the case but isn’t convinced anything criminal has taken place until a startling development comes to light.

Has Mackenzie been abducted or has she simply left her husband?

And who has bought The Baxter house and for what purpose?

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