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Gone Diving: My Adventures Above and Below the Waves

From: Andrew Heasman


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Have you ever wondered what life as a SCUBA Diving Instructor is really like?
Is it as glamorous a lifestyle as they say? Do they live-the-dream?

Follow the author as he evolves from a novice diver, to become the owner of his own dive business. Travel the world, country-to-country, as he “chases-the-sun” - from the islands of Fiji and Australia in the east, to Central America and the Caribbean in the west.

Share his adventures above and below the ocean's surface:-
Experience the thrill of Shark encounters, the beauty of colourful Nudibranches, and the serenity of majestic Manta Rays. Embark upon marine conservation projects in the Seychelles and Belize, studying corals and exotic creatures.
Discover long forgotten Maya Temples hidden beneath dense rainforest, and climb an erupting volcano. Marvel at Uluru, live on a remote desert island, and survive a burning ship as it slips beneath the waves.

Experience the best, and the worst, of being a diving instructor...

These and many more adventures await you in, "Gone Diving: My Adventures Above and Below the Waves."

“Gone Diving” is the third book in "The Memoir Series."

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Total Book Tweets for Andrew Heasman is 4870

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