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EVOLVE Mankind's Last Chance

From: Donald James Cook


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Category: Suspense

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In post-Covid 2021, the Bureau for Disease Management is settling back to normalcy when a shift in leadership changes
everything. Dr. Christopher Chance and his colleagues are pulled into a sinister world of political corruption, faux
pandemics, and uncontrolled technology. As he struggles to manage his own life, the fate of the world
hangs in the balance. Smartphones, vaccines, and apathy all give way to the rise of Artificial Intelligence.
The months and years pass, alliances form, and dominoes fall. As war and consumption exhaust the planet, man now
dangles from the hand of a static GOD, a master that evolved to fill the vacuum left by greed and self-loathing.
What legacies will be left to future generations? What becomes of man? How many chances does humanity have
to save itself from its greatest creation?

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Total Book Tweets for Donald James Cook is 400

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