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Enchanted By Cupid

From: Susan Cochran


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Category: Romance

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Get ready for turbulence when a southern hurricane collides with a cool mountain breeze.

Sheriff Deputy Roger Grant is drop dead gorgeous, cocky, and used to women throwing themselves at him. He isn't looking for love, but he loves getting under the skin of a certain southern spitfire who pours the best coffee on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe.

Sassy southerner Kate Sterling left Tennessee for a reason. She's feisty and loves her life as a single, independent woman. She isn't interested in becoming another conquest for the West Shore's most notorious Casanova and thinks she's immune to his considerable charms. Or is she?

When a long forgotten promise threatens her future, he'll do anything to protect her. Can she trust him to save her from her past?

Each book in the Lake Tahoe series is a standalone, with no cliffhangers, and can be read in any order. But, it is recommended that you read in order as characters in earlier books are mentioned and appear in later books and knowing their backstories will add to your reading experience and enjoyment.

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Total Book Tweets for Susan Cochran is 406

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All Tweets for book 22

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