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Elanora and the Salt Marsh Mystery

From: Kathleen Jae


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Category: Childrens

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Through a series of terrifying events, Elanora is transported to a strange world where the only way to get about is by water and the only food to eat are the grasses of the marsh. Her adoptive parents guide and protect her, but she is treated poorly by the muskrat colony. When Elanora discovers that the marsh is losing water, she suspects humans are the cause and formulates a plan to save the swimming creatures and the colony. Even though she finally secures the help of an elder and the very ones who at first scorned her, the rest of the colony resist her efforts to save them.
With time running out, Elanora must persuade the others to embark on a dangerous journey that will lead them to their new home. Will Elanora convince the colony and the swimmers to overcome their fear of the unknown so that they will survive?

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Total Book Tweets for Kathleen Jae is 983

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All Tweets for book 489

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