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A Book About Bob

From: J.L.Newman


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This is a book about Bob. That’s really all you need to know as almost every page within this book is about Bob. Bob, is a lovable overweight man with his mind constantly on food. He wakes up one day to accidentally become a ******. I would like to tell you what he becomes, but if I told you he was a secret agent/spy then it would no longer be a secret. As the story unfolds, things get more complicated and his full potential is unleashed upon humankind. This is a story of romance, scantily clad grannies, overeating, things that go “bang!” and a lot of nonsensical ramblings. Readers should be warned that the story involves much gibberish and twoddlesnaps, a fair amount of bumble harnessing and several accounts of Moo. The amount of sheer lunacy within the pages of this book are known to leave lasting mental scars on its readers and we take no responsibility for any of it unless we want to. Overall this is a book about things, happenings, occurrences and stuff. More than anything else, however, this is a Book About Bob! Enjoy!

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Total Book Tweets for J.L.Newman is 18

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