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Born in England, residing in Panama and on the road to insanity. My humour is my greatest gift so I should be greatly pitied in many regards. I used to try to attempt to write complex novels until I realized that being ridiculous, nonsensical and unorthodox was by far the easier route less travelled. I aspire to write in a style between Mark Evans, Roald Dahl and Douglas Adams. However, in reality, I am much more inclined to write like a deranged Chimpanzee on a typewriter with delusions of grandeur and a penchant for self-invented language. I don’t plan on making much money but I hope I can bring some laughter to peoples lives and that people remember me like that guy, you know, the one who wrote that really funny book. I always liked to read and write and I have been able to do both without too many grandmar or spilling errors for a couple of years now. My dream is to have many people read my books and then I’m falling from a plane and then I’m a dinosaur, no wait! I’m in bed, why is my dog talking? Anyway, I hope you enjoy my books and you don’t suffer too much trauma as a result. As a great philosopher once said: “Brenda you burnt the toast again”. With that, I bid your farewell and good teatimes.

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