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A Bit About Britain's History

From: Mike Biles


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A Bit About Britain’s History does exactly what you think it should. It gives a brief account of Britain’s amazing story, from a long time ago until quite recently, and is a perfect reminder of what you might have learned at school, as well as an introduction to one or two things you may never have heard before. Or perhaps you’re coming to the subject fresh and want to understand a little of how Britain evolved. It is quite a tale, from man’s first footsteps across a land that is now under the sea, to the digital age. Told through a few dozen short articles, A Bit about Britain’s History explains the essentials of every period, including how the ancestors of the British arrived, how they fought each other, formed nations, fell out over religion, acquired a large empire, made things, became gradually more democratic, helped win a couple of world wars and were left wondering what to do next.

Included at the end of the book are detailed timelines for each period, which provide useful reference for all the important (and a few not so important) dates and events, and which also make fascinating reading in their own right.

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Total Book Tweets for Mike Biles is 18

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