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Always You

From: Nini Church


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Always You
Paranormal Romance

Strabo Seecat loves solving puzzles.

A highly respected investigator, he takes on cases in an unofficial capacity. When his home town of Bellsville, a sweet little city on the northern peninsula, comes under attack after a wave of hard-core drugs hit the streets along with a serial killer favoring beautiful blonde victims, Strabo is forced to step in, taking over both investigations.

Strabo is one of the few remaining Chardana, the most coveted race on Earth. Except for Elenyi, who wants nothing to do with the big Chardana. His terrible rep with females is as big a turn off for Elenyi as Strabo now eyeing her as his next conquest. A conquest he'd ever wanted and one she always refused.

What Elenyi fails to understand - what she refuses to accept - she isn't just anybody to Strabo. His Cara Mia, his Elenyi, holds his heart, his soul and his future in the palm of her hand.

Unfortunately for Strabo, Elenyi is the only puzzle he's never been able to crack.

Will Elenyi Trepan run far and fast from Strabo Seecat as he puts on his unofficial detective hat to solve the crime wave driving sweet little Bellsville to its knees?

Only love will tell...

Romance Thriller Suspense

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Total Book Tweets for Nini Church is 763

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