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3 Hits From the Holler

From: Paul Lubaczewski


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Category: Horror

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From the award winning author of I NEVER EAT...CHEESESTEAK, A NEW LIFE, and CULT OF THE GATOR GOD, Paul Lubaczewski, 3 HITS FROM THE HOLLER is a collection of three novellas of Appalachian dread and fear. From the ecological horror of "What is Left," to the crimes of "Cleek," to the Lovecraftian terror of "A Hole in the Holler," Lubaczewski takes you on a journey infused with the heart and intelligent storytelling we've come to expect from this exciting author. Praise for I NEVER EAT...CHEESESTEAK "A crazily entertaining, laugh-packed read! Great stuff, despite the author's shameful admission that he doesn't like onions on his cheesesteak." -- Jeff Strand, author of WOLF HUNT. For A NEW LIFE "Some of the best horror literature succeeds by keeping one foot in reality and one foot in fantasy. A New Life follows this formula and does it very well."-Diabolique MagazineFor CULT OF THE GATOR GOD "Cult is a super-fun read. It would also make a great movie. Hey Netflix, you listening? Get on this!"- Andrew Snook, author of The Remy's Dilemma Series

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Total Book Tweets for Paul Lubaczewski is 3725

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