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2-4 Cavalry Book 3: Another Day In Paradise

From: Eric

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Category: Science Fiction

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A continuation of my series, this puts the unit on the planet Kearse, hunting General Malik in the torn streets of Caric. Based on the Somalian intervention back in the early 1990s.. Based off David Drake's Hammer's Slammers universe.

It should be noted that this is not a "True" Hammers Slammers book.from the book "Hammer's Crucible" miniature book, since that literally was the only other information I had available to me. I wasn't intending on doing the massive tank battles, etc. etc. that David Drake originally intended.

But instead of being a tank and combat car based unit, it is more of an airmobile unit, using vectored thrust tanks and infantry to perform their missions. While combat cars are mentioned in the stories, it is not entirely focused on that aspect.

Cover art by David Naughton-Shires:

Total Book Tweets for Eric is 1987

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