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From a highly talented Anglo sphere family, now spread all over the globe, Oxford University law masters graduate, counsel, journalist, essayist, and writer Alexandre Lawrence has an international professional background in writing, law, and entrepreneurial projects encompassing several decades.
This has provided him with a comprehensive background to analyse and write on personal money management and wealth building systems.
His diverse personal interests include family, architecture, politics, history, literature, agriculture, animals and plants, the environment and sport.
Having published articles, political reports and essays in various international law journals and newspapers in the past his new book THE ACCELERATED SAVER INVESTOR PATHWAY TO WEALTH is his first book on personal finance.
The book is written in an innovative new nonfiction book format - with colour coded text - colour charts - teaching aids - meme summaries of the chapter content and graphic explainer diagrams – so as to make the complicated world of money management and wealth building seem uncomplicated and enjoyable.
The chapter contents, as set out below, provide a precise 4 plan, 4 strategy, blueprint to build sufficient wealth to provide an assets based independent income – for any efficient and motivated income earner regardless of job or position.
Hoping you enjoy and learn from the book.
Best Regards, Alexandre Lawrence. Author: The Accelerated Saver Investor Pathway to Wealth: A powerful, new, rapid wealth-building system open to all income groups.

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