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Shane D Hughes began his career working in commercial television, specializing in all aspects of video post-production before later shifting gears to become a multi award winning studio recording engineer and advertising music producer. He has designed, built and owned state-of-the-art recording studios, performed as a working musician with numerous live rock bands (as lead guitarist and vocalist), and has written and produced his own music, including the acclaimed studio album: The Age. Diverse forms of writing, creativity and production have always been a passion, and now today he is the proud author of The Patriarch Saga. This immersive and thrilling new sci-fi/fantasy/adventure series chronicles the astonishing journey of five unique and extraordinary individuals as they endure the evolutionary rebirth of the wayward human race. Many a stunning revelation shall be revealed along the way, and by the end, they'll know the secrets of the universe and everything there is beyond. Also in the works is the forthcoming FBI crime thriller spin-off series, The Sisters Crowe, as well as several stand-alone novels in various other genres. Shane currently resides with his family in Brisbane, Australia.​​​​​

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