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When Cheryl Burman moved to the Forest of Dean in SW England she, like Tolkien and Rowling, was inspired to write.
Her fantasy MG trilogy, Guardians of the Forest, is loved by all ages. Her first novel for grownups, Keepers, is set in 1950s Australia and keeps people ‘reading into the wee hours’. Her flash fiction, short stories and bits of her novels have won various commendations. Some are included in her collection, Dragon Gift, which she gives away to new subscribers to her newsletter.
Her most recent book, Legend of the Winged Lion, is a prequel to Guardians. A magical realism novel set along the banks of the River Severn is in progress.
As Cheryl Mayo, she is chair of Dean Writers Circle and a founder of Dean Scribblers, which encourages the creative writing spark in young people in the community.
Her border collie is also an author. Sammy’s Walks (available on Amazon) is highly rated by locals and visitors to the Forest alike, and their dogs.
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