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A book lover from childhood, Pete is a passionate reader in leisure time and enjoys various authors and their novels. As a young boy, his Mother who was also a fervent reader took him on his initial visit to a bookstore in New York. There he discovered an unknown world of adventure and imagination. Walking out that afternoon with his first purchase of a Hardy Boys mystery, he was hooked. That initial book was only one in hundreds of various genres from Science Fiction, thrillers and mysteries to historical novels Pete would read.

In High School and College, Pete’s sincere interest was in Literature and History. Through his years as a successful business professional, the passion to write was always there.

After retirement in 2013, Pete continued working with various business services, but never gave up on the prospect of writing. In the fall of 2019, that opportunity became a reality when Pete began work on his initial novel, An Ocean for Revenge. The outline, starting from months of notes and conception, developing into a synopsis. After several revisions and editing, that synopsis becomes the adventure taking the reader on an unforgettable journey from start to finish.

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