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Voices In The Wind: My Life's Story

From: Barry Allen Lee


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The Bazaar Story of my Life! This is the story of my life as I move through the decades starting from the 1940's to the 21st. century! I was adventurous and fun loving as a preteen but as I entered my teens things went terribly wrong! I lost my way and became obsessed with girls and sex, bubblegum and rock and roll! I'm not proud of the way things turned out for me and I can only hope God will forgive me for how I lived most of my life! Running away from home when I was 16 was an incredible experience that even now causes me to laugh and cry when I think of that experience. hitch hiking, riding freight trains, the Gray Hound Bus, the people I met along the way, the women that I came in contact with, molested by some of them shaped the way my life turned out I'm sure, at least on some level they did anyway! My 20's, 30's and 40's may be hard to believe but, there it is! and you can believe it or not...the choice is yours! However, I wrote everything down just as I remember it and believe me, there were times I wanted to leave some things out but went ahead and wrote it down anyway! if any of it offends you I'm very sorry. I hope you can forgive me too!

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