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The Shape of Rain

From: Nick Hirst


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Were the moon landings real or faked? Was the war in Iraq necessary? And could these disparate events be connected?
In September 2002 a celebrity investigative reporter is about to broadcast an explosive story about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He never makes it to the studio.

Somehow his fate is linked to the first moon landing in 1969 and the only clue lies hidden in the lyrics of a thirty-year old song.
At the same time, an innocent chat at the baggage carousel at Prague airport catapults music journalist Jack Conrad into a race against time to decipher the secret of this song.

His urgent quest takes him from Europe to the Saudi Arabian desert and ends in Seattle while key witnesses meet sudden, apparently accidental or self-inflicted deaths.

If you liked 'The Sigma Protocol' by Robert Ludlum, you're going to love this.

And if you have ever doubted, for a moment, what you are told on the News or see in the papers, then you have to read 'The Shape of Rain'.

“From beginning to end this novel makes you think...well written with excellent pace.” Online Book Club

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Total Book Tweets for Nick Hirst is 1019

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