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Mason Malone

Amazon Review: Malone knows how to reel a reader in and hold them captive to the end. May 3, 2019 Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase Finished reading The Polyandrist by Mason Malone. Welcome to the world of dysfunction junction! This is not my usual genre but I decided to take a chance on it. I have to say, Malone knows how to reel a reader in and hold them captive to the end. The story has so many twists and turns my head was spinning. First, there is Lauren, a beautiful seductress whose love for money drives her. She knows how to wrap men around her finger and manipulate them to ruination. Then there is Gordon, putty in her hands, and Greg who she is married to but calls him her brother while she seduces unsuspecting victims. Lastly, there is Nolan, naive and too trusting. When Gordon's wife Erica Dupree is murdered, a string of suspects is brought in for questioning. That is when the suspense begins trying to figure out who is responsible. A nice twist in the end. Well written. I'm giving Malone 5 dysfunctional stars.

Mason Malone

Amazon Review: Couldn’t put this book down! Great story and unexpected outcome! March 8, 2019 Format: Kindle Edition Mason Malone’s The Polyandrist was a fantastic read! The author is a talented and engaging story teller, great at plot development and getting the reader invested in the characters. The plot twists made it hard to put the book down. Looking forward to seeing what else the author has to offer!

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The Polyandrist Murder, Mystery and Romance

From: Mason Malone


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Greg was a good husband, for the most part, when Lauren was twenty-two. Loving and understanding of her various eccentricities, but not particularly ambitious, and unable to provide the finer things in life she so badly craved. Then came Nolan, a handsome man with a good income, capable of giving her the things she wants. Dividing her time fairly between the two men is a challenge, until Gordon comes along. Then it becomes impossible. Gordon has an eye for Lauren, but he’s married to Erica Dupree, a filthy rich heiress to a billionaire oil tycoon, and therefore has to be careful. There’s a prenuptial agreement giving Gordon twenty million in the event he and Erica divorce. Unless Gordon is unfaithful to Erica. Then he gets nothing. In order to rid herself of the man and avoid paying the twenty million, Erica offers Lauren one million dollars to seduce Gordon. Bedding Gordon is the easy part. Keeping it from Nolan and Greg long enough to get the payment from Erica proves more difficult than she initially thought it would be. It becomes tougher still when Erica is murdered.

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Total Book Tweets for Mason Malone is 3860

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