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The Breaking of Liam Glass

From: Charles Harris


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"A brilliant novel on the press and perception, a tale of “fake news” that’s all too rooted in reality." - Jimmy Leonard. "Gripping, serious, very funny." - AB
Once you tell one lie, where do you stop?
A gripping, award-nominated satire of tabloid scoops and betrayal.

When ambitious local crime reporter Jason Crowthorne comes across a young stab-victim, he sets out to revive his flagging journalistic career by launching an investigative campaign against knife-crime, but to get his scoop onto the front pages he first has to draw on his darker skills…

Teenage footballer Liam Glass has been mugged and left for dead. Jason sees that the boy’s story could splash big in the tabloids, not least because he suspects Liam is the love-child of a celebrity Premiership player.

But unable to prove it, he tells a small lie, and that lie leads to another…

Soon he is sucked unwittingly into a whirlpool of dirty tricks, fake-news, gutter press, ethnic tension and political intrigue - trying to escape the police, with the inner city Bengali community threatening to riot and the very life of young Liam Glass hanging in the balance.

A fast-paced noir thriller takes you for a darkly humorous and topical ride through London’s modern urban society, led by an engaging and unlikely anti-hero caught in his own moral catch-22.

The Breaking of Liam Glass is an Amazon bestseller debut by an award-winning filmmaker, reaching #1 in Amazon’s Hot New Releases for satire, in its first week.

Finalist: The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2017
Finalist: Eyelands International Book Awards - Novels - 2018

“An intensely addictive page turner” – Liz Barnsley, Latest Reads
“A brilliant satire on modern Britain. Charles Harris draws his dagger and spares no-one…” David Prestidge, Fully Booked
“Verve and wit… cutting and dissolving like scenes from a gangster movie…” Piers Plowright, Camden New Journal

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Total Book Tweets for Charles Harris is 602

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