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The Bird Farm

From: Varun Aggarwal


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Category: Science Fiction

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Are AI and the internet making or breaking our lives?
This is a question that is haunting many of us. Technology has brought information at our fingertips, created entrepreneurs, and made our lives easy, but is there a flip side to this? In this book, you will discover answers that will challenge your understanding of the world.

“MY story will challenge your worldview on freedom,” says Moshi, a protagonist in ‘The Bird Farm’.

Three birds live a quiet life in their tree. Suddenly a technological revolution happens. There is a promise to flatten the world and to help the birds fly high. But will the promise deliver? How do the tech entrepreneurs innovate, the politicians re-align, and the young rebound? What happens to the TRUTH, the jobs, privacy, and the moral code. And what role does a toy bird have to play in all of this?

“This simple story tells us how AI and the internet are doing and undoing our lives. The promise, the tragedy, yet the celebration of it all! Do not miss it!”
Bakru, Chief Editor, The Bird Times, playing himself in ‘The Bird Farm’.

Read to find out... It could be your own story.

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Total Book Tweets for Varun Aggarwal is 7

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