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Stronger Together

From: Andrea Green


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Susie thinks she caught the American Dream when she marries Matt. Everything looks bright, and the
world is full of possibilities. Until it isn’t. The one time Susie tries to escape Matt’s violence, she finds herself in her car at the bottom of a ravine, and her life will never be the same.
Sgt. Kent Taggart wakes up in a hospital bed after a horrific, life-changing injury he received while in the
military. On a routine patrol, his men were ambushed, and he’s lucky to have made it out alive. Part of
him wishes he didn’t.
Their first conversation is the opposite of meet-cute. It’s messy, full of anger and guilt. Two halves of the
same whole can’t fit well together when there are things in the way.

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Total Book Tweets for Andrea Green is 309

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All Tweets for book 309