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Heather Lynn

Heather Lynn

EXCELLENT BEACH READ! Really enjoyed this book. Excellent historical fiction/fantasy. Very well researched and I loved the well developed characters and details! Can't wait for the second book!

Heather Lynn

I was hooked at the very beginning of the book to the very end. The further I got into the story I felt I was right there with her. It was a nice place to escape to from modern life despite the hardships. Very interesting information on Wiccan beliefs which we could use in modern life and herbal medicine. Can't wait for the next book.

Heather Lynn

There has very clearly been an abundance of research done on many aspects in the story including history, culture and remedy, all of which added that much more life to the story. When I was reading it, I kept wishing I could read faster just to see what was going to happen next. Overall an amazing read and hoping for another one soon!

Heather Lynn

Heather Lynn

This romantic, time traveling adventure novel kept my interest peaked and wanting to read more! I found that the story captured your senses and allowed you to feel as though you were right there along with the characters...This novel touched on every emotion at some point.

Heather Lynn

Sky Watcher: A Shadow in Time by Heather Lynn is a fantastic read, that will keep you intrigued to the very end...I was pleasantly surprised and loved the entire story. The dialogue and banter between characters is written beautifully. It will make you laugh and possibly shed a tear.

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Sky Watcher: A Shadow in Time

From: Heather Lynn


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Charlotte Harper’s life isn’t going as she expected. She had to change her course of studies, her ex-boyfriend has hooked up with her best friend, and she misses her mother desperately since her passing. Searching for meaning and direction, she pours herself into her family history, researching her roots. When she learns of a possible ancestor named Elizabeth from the early nineteenth century, who was hung for the crime of witchcraft, she is determined to try to save her fate.
Charlotte explores the strength of her Wiccan beliefs and the powers within her stones, preparing a spell to transport herself back in time nearly two centuries.
She arrives at a small, sleepy town on the shore of Owasco Lake, New York. Intending to stay just long enough to save her ancestor, she creates a cover story and attempts to fit in, but after waiting for weeks with no word of Elizabeth, she immerses herself in the community. She works in the General Store to earn her keep and uses her knowledge of herbs and medicine to help those in need. She soon forms strong bonds with those around her, finding herself drawn into the simple and fulfilling life of a bygone era, and even falls in love—more deeply than she ever thought possible.
As the deadline of the execution nears, visions of the future begin to plague her and those around her.
Can she truly save Elizabeth and undo what happened almost two centuries ago? With two lives on the line, she knows she must face the consequences of meddling with time, even if it costs her everything.

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Total Book Tweets for Heather Lynn is 121

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