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5.0 out of 5 stars Suspenseful, intriguing, and a just plain great read! March 31, 2018 Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase I don't know how I missed this but Perilous Love is a historical romance. I do read historical romance but I just wasn't expecting this book to be one of that genre, taking place at the outbreak of WWI. I don't normally read books set during that time frame so it was a happy surprise that the more I read, the more into the time period I sank—"sank" in the happiest meaning of the term. Ms. Selbourne certainly has done her research. But it isn't just her attention to historical detail that captures the reader's attention, it's the care she gives her characters. Adrian and Gaby have fallen out of love with each other—if indeed Adrian ever loved Gaby at all. As they hurt each other even while trying to escape war-torn Belgium, their pain is so realistic we recognize it. Perilous Love is more than a romance, it's a suspenseful love story. There is a difference. I stayed up hours past when I should have been in bed because I couldn't stand not finding out the conclusion before I went to sleep. I bet you will be the same! Highly recommended!

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Perilous Love

From: Jan Selbourne


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They have two children, but they can’t tolerate each other, until a deadly betrayal turns their privileged world upside down. Trapped in Belgium as war looms, Gabrielle and Adrian run for their lives, facing danger, death and injury. Forced to rely on each other, they learn more about each other during those terrifying days than in the eight years of marriage. Two very different people reach safety only to discover the treachery has spread, and the deep love they’ve found will be tested to breaking point.

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Total Book Tweets for Jan Selbourne is 51

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