Murderous intent 17.99


Betty J Roche

It's difficult to believe that this is the author's first book. Great characters and chilling action! Couldn't put it down!! I look forward to her next book!!

Gina Stephens

There’s something very satisfying about the crime of murder, is inherently terrifying, which makes you actually feel the danger looming in the background, while also having the satisfaction of trying to solve the crime in the foreground. This murder mystery will definitely keep you up all night long

Heidi J. Hewett

Enter a glamorous world of modeling and inherited wealth, dark desires, and murderous intentions. Still grieving for her murdered parents, Emma Fox is introduced into modeling by her childhood friend, Victor, whom she hasn’t seen in years, and immediately feels the pull of attraction, unaware that Victor’s brother, Jordan, has designs on her for himself. All three are blind to the brother and sister team who have infiltrated their lives, planning to steal Emma’s inheritance. I can’t say more without spoiling the plot. I did have a little trouble reading because the text, at least on my Kindle, is all in italics without scene breaks, but it’s a fast, fun, sexy read with a trail of dead bodies to keep the reader turning pages.

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Murderous Intentions - 2nd Edition

From: Carol H Dornetto


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Two psychopathic killers have been on the loose for 10 years. Leaving a trail of bodies of the rich and famous both in Europe and the USA. Each time they seem to elude the police and Interpol. One kills of the love of it and the other for the wealth they think they were cheated out of from their own poor pathetic life. Each is desperate for their next fix. Now the money has ran out and the dust has settled they have their sights set on their next victim, Emma Fox and her wealthy family. the only question now is.....who? will die...FIRST!

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Murderous intent 17.99 Revenge paperback 17.99

Total Book Tweets for Carol H Dornetto is 516

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