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Total Book Tweets for Sarah Kennedy is 339

Category: Fantasy

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An ancient evil.
A Promised King.
A world besieged.

For millenia, he has been the both the dread and the desire of Sgarrwrath's whole existence. Now, Mhorag's name is whispered in every land. For some there is no greater dread; for others no greater hope. But in this new age of rage and wonder, what is hope? In growing darkness, Sgarrwrath's quest for domination of the world is interrupted by these whispers and prayers, and stars aligning to reveal the Living Flame. All hangs in the balance as the forbidden desire that started it all culminates in a battle of wills that will darken the stars, shatter the Sun and raise the dead.

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Total Book Tweets for Sarah Kennedy is 339

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All Tweets for book 339

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