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Little Gangsters

From: Aaron D McClelland


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Total Book Tweets for Aaron D McClelland is 1101

Category: Fiction

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12 year old Denny is growing up surrounded by criminals; visiting Vancouver’s illegal gambling clubs looking for his drunken father; an Uncle who casts himself in the role of an aspiring pimp; his Grandma who is an accomplished bootlegger; and his godfather, Al ‘the Baker’ Di Napoli, who is one of two powerful mob bosses in Vancouver. When his parents exile Denny to his Grandma’s house for the summer of 1959 while they consider divorce, Denny is torn between two new friends and two directions in life; aspire to be like Timothy, the 'perfect boy' or Frankie who aspires to become a gangster. Yet when Denny falls in love with a girl ‘of gold and porcelain who falls from the sky’, he finds himself on a path that will last a lifetime.

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Total Book Tweets for Aaron D McClelland is 1101

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All Tweets for book 1101

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