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Legacy Grapes of Rome

From: Remmy Meggs


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As the son of a Roman General and Statesman, he was destined to become an officer in his father’s army, learn to run the family business, and marry. This was Rome at the beginning of the Republic and right after the last of the kings. It was a deadly time of corruption, traitors, and assassins. This was a time when ten-year-olds died in battle and when twelve-year-olds led the troops, a time when twenty to thirty-year-olds ruled a Republic and those older yet, ruled the senate. This is not a movie version, but the Real Rome!

Young Dante couldn’t have foreseen what would happen to him and his childhood friends, but then, it was expected of them. Follow Dante in his journey into manhood in this passionate tale about an unlikely hero, the brutality of war, and survival.

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Total Book Tweets for Remmy Meggs is 3

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