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Guardians of the Path Book 1: First Magyc

From: Nicole DragonBeck


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The object which shielded Demona for centuries is broken, the Path is fading, and the Guardians are in hiding.

When Ria finds her way to this new world of music and magyc by helping the Guardian Cedar Jal escape his prison between worlds, she becomes caught up in his struggle, and discovers she may be the answer the Guardians need.

Cedar doesn't want Ria to be the one named and fated to die in the Prophecy, but what if she is the only hope to defeat the Sorcerer, rekindle the Path, and and save Demona?

Fans of J. R. R. Tolkien, Christopher Paolini, and Terry Brooks will enjoy this epic fantasy saga!

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Total Book Tweets for Nicole DragonBeck is 1029

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