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The Pros & Cons of Becoming a Professional Aviator 
An Insider Aviation & Pilots Guide 
Everyday Life of Helicopter and Airline Pilots

This first book in a 3-part series is a brand-new insider career guide for future aviation professionals. Pros & Cons of becoming a professional aviator are discussed in detail, from training requirements, work-life balance, health and mental issues, and career prospects. The everyday life of helicopter and airline pilots is described - together with the necessary ground- and flight training. Last but not least: How to land a top-paying pilot position with all the necessary steps to reach this goal.

How to Become an Airline Pilot… The "dream of flying" influences the career aspirations of many young women and men. Until now they have hardly had the opportunity to find detailed background information on their career choice. The author’s own experiences as a commercial pilot and flight instructor complete the aviation information. 

The second guidebook in this series describes the worldwide training paths, starting in Europe, according to the latest European training regulations, the JAR-FCLs, but also the training opportunities in Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the USA. Pilots also
learn how to transfer licenses obtained in other countries.

The third guidebook in the series discusses career opportunities, explains pilot test preparation courses, lists training costs, and quotes salaries worldwide. Job search opportunities are outlined, with a comprehensive list of addresses for your pilot application. And numerous professional application and interview tips are added. In the appendix, aviation jargon is decoded and abbreviations are explained. Dozens of search options are listed for further online research.

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Total Book Tweets for Doris Daily is 47

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