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Cutting Truths

From: Michael Levy


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Mental health depends on the way we process our thoughts and can have dramatic effect on all the cells in our body. To maintain good health there needs to be a simple way for the mind to communicate truth n wisdom yo the body and for the mind to receive truth n wisdom back from the cells. Every daily event can effect our health... Has anyone taken you for a ride and lost you money? Has anyone given you stress and made you sick? If you could buy eye glasses that would let you cut through peoples talk so that you could see if they were telling you the truth, would you buy them? Well, Michael Levy's new book cannot work miracles; however, it does cut the misty confusion of fallacies and myths that pose as the truth. They say pre armed is pre warned ... Are you ready to look in the mirror and face your logic and reasoning to find out how valid it is? If so, open the first page and walk the road least traveled...The road that leads to truth.

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Total Book Tweets for Michael Levy is 600

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All Tweets for book 600

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