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Children of the Black (Silver Sights Saga, #1)

From: W J Long III


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Category: Science Fiction

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There is no such thing as easy. Not for the Claude and Vision.

As humanity's bloodiest conflict ends, those left behind struggle to carve a path free of its shadow, but old hates die hard. Under the weight of this new future, a former soldier and a young psionic girl fight to scrounge up enough credits to keep their meager lives on track when a figure from the past offers them a way out. All they have to do is find the remains of a once-promising enemy research project whose failure still shakes the souls involved.

Their success means an end to all their problems, but in this universe, few things are as deceptive as an easy gig.

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Total Book Tweets for W J Long III is 104

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All Tweets for book 104

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