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From: Ismail M taher


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Cherophobia: the fear of being happy. "We're all pieces of a large puzzle, and we're inevitably meant to connect. When the time comes, the puzzle gets completed, and every single piece that thought it wouldn't fit, in falls gracefully into place where it was always meant to be." John Murray, a bright young college student burdened by his tragic past, meets his opposite, June Waters, a high-spirited musician who changes his beliefs about life and happiness. John’s life completely changes when a perfect coincidence leads him to meeting Isabelle, a victim of past abuse and depression. The cavity in her heart gets filled when fate connects her to John, during a life-changing trip to LA with his new friend. What happens when wounded souls meet and two broken halves fall perfectly into place together, making a whole? Cherophobia – an exceptional tale of romance, taking the readers on a journey through the minds of suffering souls and the unspoken life of battling mental disorders, following the struggles of the characters to find their long-lost joy. Will John and Isabelle bring the best out in each other and conquer their pain? Or will they all be defeated and pulled back into darkness, haunted by their traumatic pasts? Can you be happy when all your life you've known nothing but sadness?

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