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Bus travel in South London - stories from the city over the water

From: Chris Roberts


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It’s London but not as you know it. Welcome to the south, the Surrey Shore, the Sunny Side. Get on a bus, go Transpontine and immerse yourself in some of the stories of the city over the water.

South London is Britain’s second largest city held together by shared geography and buses. The 22 stories are set on, linked by or alongside some of these bus routes and are divided between those that might be considered real and those which could be labelled magically real. This is a less than perfect dichotomy in a place that contains a HellRaiser bus stop near the Bricklayers’ Arms Roundabout, dozens of roving bus preachers as well as the Peckham Terminator at Nigel Road stop. If these are real, and they are real, how does one designate the uncanny?

​Inside you’ll find angels, cyborgs, pirates and terrorists. There are shapeshifters, London folk demons and vengeful goddesses but also stories of love, friendship, growing up and revenge. Bus routes featured in this collection of London fiction and South London short stories include The P13, The 178, The 155, The 185, The 21, The 47, The P5, The 50, The C10, The 356, The 133, The 468, The 196, The 159, The P4, The RV1, The 63, The 315, The 22, The 109, The 35.

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Total Book Tweets for Chris Roberts is 796

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