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Bad Pennies (The Scaeth Mythos)

From: John F Leonard


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Seeing a stranger die is the worst thing that Chris has ever witnessed. Picking up the dead man’s wallet is a mistake, a moment of weakness. That’s all it takes, one impulsive act, for reality to unravel. Because pocketing the wallet is only the beginning. Dark forces swim below the surface of the world... They change their shape but never go away... They find a way through... Chris Carlisle experiences an everyday horror. A morning starts out bad and gets worse. Wrong place at the wrong time and life takes a wrong turn. But even the blackest clouds have silver linings. He gets a little slice of luck to balance out the horror. Just goes to show, bad often comes bundled with good. Sometimes, they bleed into each other until you can’t tell them apart. That’s where the strangeness begins, when the miraculous starts to rub shoulders with the mundane and monstrous.

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Total Book Tweets for John F Leonard is 3696

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