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Alchemy of the Soul

From: MercuRea

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"This is the journey of four years of living, or four years of facing challenges instead of running away; the journey of self-acceptance, of fear, of despair and understanding, of love and heartbreak; or hope. A carousel of emotions and meditations about life, experiences, and about all the people that made it to my heart. And I hope that it can also become a ray of light, and an encouragement to face life for those who might need it. "

As we advance more as a society mental health regains the spotlight place it deserves, as minor disorders like anxiety or depression are one of the greatest problems in our modern world. Here you can have a glimpse of what daily life is like for a high sensitive person and how to deal with it in a delightful poetic way.

We all have the power to turn our lead into gold

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Total Book Tweets for MercuRea is 4

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