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Hurricanes 2007

From: Darío Aguilar Peregrina


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A long time ago, a meteorite fell in the middle of a hurricane killing several researchers from the National Hurricane Center, swallowing up the entire storm.

While investigating the incident, scientists experimented with the remains of the space rock, discovering that it had the capacity to manipulate the hurricanes or any other natural phenomenon, including the earth's subsurface, being these reasons why the project was titled "Hurricanes 2007".

Subsequently, a highly gifted mercenary called Katrina Fernandez, popularly known in her country as "Hurricane Katrina," heard that there was a reward for stealing the project, but in doing so and being surrounded by police, decided to commit suicide....

10 years later, the Doctor Dominic Carson Phoenix, who was a member of the project, kept a complete sample finding that it had healing powers and after suffering an accident with his wife and daughter, dying the former, Carson decided to inject the entire substance to his little girl named Darcy Ember Phoenix, who miraculously recovered from all her injuries ...

Meanwhile, in the country known as Mexico, a young navy cadet called Rio Pedroza was fighting every day for a better nation that lately was filled with corruption, violence, unemployment and crime. But when one day she was called to bring help to the Drayson Martle Harbor, things would change...

A story filled with violence, darkness, hope, solidarity and love would begin…

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Total Book Tweets for Darío Aguilar Peregrina is 1091

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