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Hardwiring vs. Rewiring - Shaping Mindset, Skillset, And Behaviors During Early Childhood Development

From: Dr. Ravi Rajaratnam


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Hardwiring vs. Rewiring examines current societal, economic, and political ills, as well as their resulting continuous moral decay, unrest, and upheavals. Having analyzed these ills and arriving at their root causes, the book details how they can be addressed, and in doing so, reveals that optimal nurturing of a child during their early development stages can lead to exemplary citizenship as well as the cultivation of key 21st-century skills such as cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills.

Hardwiring vs. Rewiring reveals the "how-to" on hardwiring the right skills during the early childhood development stages. A must-read for all new parents and any individual that has a role in the caregiving, nurturing, and upbringing of a child, as well as any adult struggling with self-development. This book not only provides you with key strategies to develop a child's skills but also helps you foster self-development via the personal discovery of the root cause of your inhibition.

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Total Book Tweets for Dr. Ravi Rajaratnam is 212

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