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Lee Fishman arrived in Philadelphia as a college student, fell in love with city living and stayed. Even after traveling to Italy, Greece, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, England, Guatemala, Columbia and Belize she still can't think of anywhere else she'd rather live than Philadelphia. Ok, maybe Paris.
Fascinated by ancient civilizations, Lee dreamed of being an archaeologist. As a student, she spent time at digs and worked in a lab piecing together pottery shards from ancient ruins at Tikal. Many trips to Central America, rekindled her fascination with the Maya culture and inspired her to write The Shaman’s Gift.
An earlier work, Edge of a Dream chronicles struggles faced by a young immigrant couple from war-torn Sarajevo as they adjust to America. In the Mediums Guild, a pat-time psychic entertainer and single mom solves a mystery.

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