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Billy J. Barnum is a direct descendant of the famous Phineas Taylor Barnum AKA (The Greatest Showman on Earth). He grew up in humble beginnings and found his love for writing songs and poetry in his early teens. He would often write poems and recite them for his friends and family and was amazed at their reaction after listening to him speak. They would say such things like WOW! Did you write that? That sounds like Shakespeare! Hence the title of the book. Because of their reactions and all of their encouraging words the birth of this book was born. Billy also is a collector of sports cards and has quite a collection. Billy currently resides in Connecticut where his children live as well. He loves to go to Cape Cod on vacations as it’s close to his location and he admires the scenery and awesome historic light houses that the Cape offers. Billy has had the poems you are about to read locked away for years and years and has finally decided to take a leap of faith and publish them for your reading enjoyment. He hopes that some of the poems inspire you and other poems make you profoundly think of the world around you. Through his imagination and words he also hopes that your imagination will inspire you to do great things.

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