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Over the Wall is a soul-searching autobiography of one woman’s spiritual journey. An adventure for the soul that compels you to look at God, the universe and your higher self to know that anything is possible when faith leads the way. Fatima’s memoir is a tell-all tale of her life, from hell to hope and her heartfelt triumph over her past through forgiveness. This book is vivid, authentic and inspiring, leaving you empowered to unleash your faith, freedom and fearlessness. A real-life love story that will keep your heart pumping from one page to the next. Filled with passion, humour and the cultural truth of generational curses, it is a must-read anecdote for those who believe in destiny.
Fatima is a community ambassador for change, speaker, author, and accountability coach, she has taken the lid off what others believe is impossible. Fatima has transformed her life to be a catalyst of hope, empowering a new path of leadership in the world through personal development, forgiveness, love, and faith.

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