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Giles Ekins was born in the North-East of England. He trained as an Architect in London and has spent much of his career living and working in Africa and the Middle East but now lives in Sheffield with his wife Patricia.
He is the author of the acclaimed Jack the Ripper novel, ‘To Hell and Back’, previously published as ‘Sinistrari’, ‘Murder by Illusion’ previously published as ‘The Satanic Disillusionment of Charlie Chilton’ and his latest novel ‘The Accused’ which has been hailed as ‘A dark engrossing thriller with plenty of twists to keep the reader guessing.’
He has also self- published a volume of short stories entitled ‘Sometimes You Just Kill the Wrong People.’, an eclectic mixtures of tales of many differing genre.
Giles is currently working on a sequel to ‘The Accused’ as well as commencing a series of crime novels set in 1950’s England and featuring DI Christopher Yarrow, an ex Battle of Britain fighter pilot now police detective.

Watch this space.

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