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Writer and photographer, Marie Balustrade grew up and lived in various countries, resulting in photography and writing becoming integral pillars of her soul, and hence, inseparable from her being. The urge to write about what she photographs or match a photograph to her writings are processes that are never far from one another.

My novels deal with controversial social issues that span the globe. The stories are not meant for the reader to swoon over and fall in love momentarily for a shallow romance. I want the audience to cry with me, to be enraged, be disgusted, and after turning the last page, the should be more vigilant. 

All Balustrade’s books and stories are supported by extensive travel and research, in addition to first hand experience, having been a development worker in Asia for over 15 years and seen horrors that few will ever write about. Her life experiences are the foundation for the novels, and writen from the soul, not at empty page. 

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