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Sreeparna Sen's Webpage

Sreeparna Sen is a Computer Engineer, working in a Bank and finds her solace in writing. When she is not dealing with the loan documents, you can mostly find her nose in a book or Facebook.

She has authored the book Tales of Wizardencil and is a part of 10 anthologies including an international project Until Dawn. To name a few of other published anthologies are Hawk’s Nest, Tea with a drop of Honey, Blood Runs Cold, Route 13 – Highway to Hell, Love in Trying Times and Sharing Lipstick. Her blogs have been featured in pages like Momspresso, Women’s Web and Bonobology.

Sreeparna frequently writes in her blog Wizardencil By Sreeparna Sen and manages a Facebook page with the same name, where you can find stories written both in English and Bengali. You can follow her website at

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