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I am a 70 year-old cancer survivor from Tottenham. A family man and former prison officer. After spending 25 years in the UK’s prison service, and having become increasingly disillusioned with stifling modern prison service politics and practices, in 2008 I took my pension pot and ran, moving to Spain to spend my early retirement in the sun. This autobiography A Turnkey or Not? is about my prison service life is my first book.

My wife and I, however, temporarily moved back to the UK due to the economic climate, at the time. And I returned to working life.

I have completed a second book all about working at a major UK airport as a security officer, based on true facts it is an observational look at how staff, passengers and management treat being subject to modern airport security.

It is about my last working career after having to go back to the UK during the recession I obtained work as a security officer at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

This book El Dorado? No! Heathrow Airport is a continuation where my first book finished and revels the truth about how we all behave when faced with airport security the rudeness and the language directed at security staff by passengers and celebrities will amaze you and bemuse you.

Read the book and recognise yourself in the book.

These two book have actually led to a third book making them into a trilogy of my quest to find my personal El Dorado.

The third book will be about real people too and my experience of living on an ex pat community in Spain. This too will be a great read but will mean I will have to move for my own safety after revealing the behaviour of my fellow Brits abroad.

But before this book can be completed I have written a prequel all about when I was a driving instructor in Central London back in the early 1980's Which is now available too.

Pitched somewhere between the old English classic carry-on films and a series of sexy films called Confessions of... It is a humorous memoir of my time as a driving instructor; I reveal the stories of what can happen on a driving lesson, the offers of sexual favours and the actual driving routes I used all around the famous and historic landmarks of London. My books are all humorous memoirs hopefully in the style of Terry Pratchett They should appeal to anybody who likes anecdotal tales, I have tried to write in the style that would make you believe you are in a restaurant and I am with you just recounted episodes of my life or in a pub having a drink with friends, and I’m relating anecdotal stories about my life to you.
The Road to ‘L’ is an eye-opening poignant and often hilarious romp through my years as a professional driving instructor in Central London back in the early 1980s. I reveal people’s behaviour, conversations and downright dangerous things that happened to me during their lessons and their time learning to drive in my tuition car.

I reveal the amazing tales of some of the things that could have come straight out of a Bond movie, the inappropriate offers of sex, and you will meet the amazing sister Mary Clara and her meeting with one of the famous Beatles back in the day. Travel throughout London and all the amazing sites this city offers and all on a driving lesson, or be part of being bombed twice in one day on two separate lessons, by the IRA.

Learn about the Falkland Islands war, from the perspective of both sides.

My book is a journey through the eyes of a professional driving instructor that will amaze you and also amuse you. It gives you a chronological history of the world events that affected London during this period, and of course about learning to drive a car. But in reality, the book is about people and how they can reveal so much about themselves whilst in the company of their driving instructor. With some amazing stories, and some scary situations, but above all humour.

I am now also working on a children's book all about four stray kittens that arrived on our doorstep after some tremendous storms. Homeless, hungry and in need of help these cats have changed our lives and I felt compelled to write their story
I hope you read and enjoy all my books

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